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Silica Safety Fines Are Here

Not Silica Safety Compliant? Think enforcement of the September 2017 silica safety regulation isn’t a high priority for workplace safety officials? Better think again. OSHA and state safety agencies are aggressively ramping up inspections…

Fall Protection and Prevention

The fall prevention challenge Why does OSHA dedicate a full week to promoting fall protection with the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction? The answer is simple but alarming. Falls continue to be the leading cause…

Ladder Safety Tips for Pros

Ladder Safety Improper ladder use can lead to fatalities Unfortunately, one of the tools concrete contractors use most often can be the most dangerous. Improper ladder use plays a part in one of every three fatalities on today’s jobsites.…

Scaffolding Safety On The Job

Sizing up scaffold safety Concrete repair is one of the fastest growing segments in the construction industry. Some experts believe this market will top $21 billion annually in a few years. Concrete contractors are understandably drawn to…

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