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The University of Maryland’s Parking Garage

Location: College Park, MD – University of Maryland
Project Dates: Started: June 21, 2018
Project Scope:  Install estimated 19,000 sq/ft of traffic bearing membrane onto the existing garage surface.  Detail and transition all conditions in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.
Products: SIKA® Sikalastic Traffic System

The Team That Performed Repairs On The University of Maryland’s Parking Garage Earned An A+

During the summer, when repairs to the University of Maryland Regents’ parking deck were just getting under way, the contractor met with their White Cap Account Manager a time or two for experienced advice on the finer points of using the Sikalastic Traffic System and other Sika materials they had selected for use on the project. It was critically important to have confidence in the systems, materials and chemicals that would be applied on the job. And it was equally important to have White Cap and Sika reps with application experience and expertise to call or come by when questions came up.

Sika products were chosen for their broad range of flexible, crack-bridging and waterproofing solutions that perform well even at low temperatures. They included single and two-component polyurethane systems plus hybrid polyurethane and epoxy wear coatings that were ideal for protecting the concrete deck from the elements, de-icing salts and vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Throughout the duration of the project, White Cap deliveries arrived when and where they were needed and the Account Manager stopped by from time to time to make sure the application of materials and systems was going smoothly. Everyone was doing their part to keep the job on schedule.

By the time late fall rolled around, the bulk of the project was finished. But a few weeks later, early winter showed its teeth when a Nor’easter blew through dumping a pile of snow on everything. After the onslaught was over, and snow-removal crews had made their passes, new damages from the snow-clearing equipment were discovered. And even though this issue happens frequently on wintertime jobsites, the crew still had to shift gears to carefully repair the damaged coating. As soon as temperatures climbed above 40 degrees, they cleared the damaged areas. The White Cap Account Manager joined them on site sharing his experience on how to cut out and reinstall the traffic system. As they began, he was constantly in touch with his Sika contacts to be sure there were no new wrinkles in the process. Repairs went smoothly, the project came in on time and college representatives gave the contractor an A+ for the entire project.

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