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Collomix Water Dosing Device: AQiX

Image courtesy of Collomix

NEW Collomix Water Dosing Device: AQiX

Mobile water dosing unit for the construction site. Reach reliable and high quality mixing results thanks to exact water dosing.

Collomix AQiX

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In 3 steps, you can dose with greater precision than ever before:

  1. Set the water amount
  2. Attach AQiX to the bucket
  3. Press start

Device takes care of everything by itself


Features of the AQiX:

  • Measure water up to 50% faster

  • Ensures exactly the right amount of water for every mixture
  • Easy dispensing of the required water amount for any type of construction material
  • Manual dosing of individual water amounts with metering function
  • No more hauling of heavy measuring buckets
  • Ultraprecise
  • Device is battery-operated – no cable to get in the way
  • Extremely mobile
  • 2 memory buttons will save you time.
    Once entered, AQiX remembers the required amount of water for you.
  • Intuitive operation
  • IP Protection Class 64
  • Break-proof housing for day-to-day use at the construction site
  • Can be used on all common automatic mixers
  • Flexible connections

Comes with a sturdy hard-shell case

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