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BASF is Attacking Silica Dust from a New Angle

BASF Low-Dust Repair Mortars

Most of us are VERY aware of the dangers of crystalline silica dust on our jobsites – now more than ever. Since OSHA tightened up the permissible exposure limits (PEL) last year, contractors have been implementing the latest engineered controls, more effective PPE for their crews, and revised housekeeping tactics to stay compliant.

BASF is attacking the silica issue from a whole new angle. Rather than focusing on reducing silica dust during and after operations that typically generate dust, BASF has created a low-dust repair mortar – MasterEmaco® T 1060DR and MasterEmaco T 1061DR – that drastically reduces the amount of dust generated from all the same tasks.

Using raw materials that produce less of a dust cloud goes a long way to bringing our jobs into compliance. Watch this video to see a comparison between a standard repair mortar and a low-dust repair mortar to learn why sourcing the right product can make all the difference.

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