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Germantown Maryland Campus Sciences Building

Location:  Germantown, MD
Project dates:  Spring 2018 – March 2019
Project Scope: 100,000 SF
Products Used: Air-Bloc® 31MR Liquid Emulsion Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Membrane,
Air-Bloc® 17MR Low-Temp Liquid Emulsion Vapor Permeable Air Barrier Membrane,
Blueskin® SA LT Self-Adhesive Air and Vapor Barrier Membrane,
Air-Bloc® LF Liquid-Applied Flashing,
Henry® 925 BES Sealant

Montgomery College’s New Science Building Is A Work Of Art

Work began on the new Sciences and Applied Studies building renovation and addition on the Germantown, Maryland campus in the summer of 2016. The existing building’s south side was taken down to the exterior frame, a new floor was being added and a new space was being built for the Sciences. At first, contractors were using a mechanically fastened air barrier system, but after talking it over with their White Cap Account Manager, they switched to a Henry® Air-Bloc® fluid applied air barrier system. The Air-Bloc® fluid applied products are easily applied, seamless, durable and work great on rough surfaces, complicated shapes and around penetrations. In a nutshell, it’s a great way to avoid air leakage and other potential issues down the road from the holes needed to install fastened systems.

As the project progressed, the crew came to appreciate the advanced features, flexibility and ease of use of the Henry air barrier system they worked with every day. From Henry® Blueskin® Air-Bloc® to Henry® 925 BES Sealant, every component of the system was contractor-friendly and worked flawlessly. When temperatures gradually began to drop in the fall and early winter, they were able to easily switch from the standard Air-Bloc 31 to Air-Bloc 17 for lower temperature application of the membrane. And thanks to the strong relationship that White Cap has with Henry, product knowledge, application advice and consistent pricing were always available to help keep the job on track and on budget.

When a fresh wave of aspiring scientists enters the new building this year for their classes and lab sessions, they’ll enjoy its contemporary design and the much-needed extra space. But the skilled efforts of the construction crew underneath their feet and inside the walls will go unnoticed by everyone except college officials. They’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they have a well-built, durable and well-protected new resource to offer students for many years to come.

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