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Kraft – Orange Thunder™


NEW Concrete Tools – With Revolutionary K0-20™ Technology

Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology from Kraft Tool Co.®

Introducing a revolutionary new tool from Kraft Tool Company, Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology will change the way you float concrete. KO-20™ is an eng…

The Latest Material Advancement In Construction Tools

Introducing KO-20™, Kraft Tool’s new unique high performing engineered material, developed for the concrete finisher. The KO-20™ material was formulated as a tougher, lighter, and longer-wearing alternative to aluminum, canvas-resin, magnesium, steel, and wood.

The key factors studied in the innovation of this special material were abrasion, blunt impact, friction , and repetitive wear applications. Proudly made in the USA.

K0-20™ Material Performance Attributes


• Low Coefficient of Friction – KO-20™ material works rough surfaces with unencumbered motion and moves at a fast pace, bringing bleed water up faster and leaving the concrete open for a longer period.

• Self-Lubricating Properties – KO-20™ material increases the tools’ ability to work with speed on rough surfaces and decreases wear.

• Engineered, Curved Surface Lines – KO-20™ material has channeled surface lines to evenly distribute and level concrete material.

Wear Life

• Superior Slide Abrasion – KO-20™ material can perform long-term in repetitive abrasive contact with concrete.

• Blunt Impact Applications – KO-20™ provides excellent performance and extends wear life in repetitive applications , such as concrete work.

• .01 % Liquid Absorption – KO-20™ material won’t absorb chemicals and liquids that can breakdown and weaken it. No corrosion!

Ease of Use

• Lightweight material – KO-20™ materia l is lighter than aluminum, magnesium, and steel.

• Easy, fast clean-up – KO-20™ material does not allow concrete to adhere to it like metals.

• High Visibility color – KO-20™ material is bright orange and easy to spot on the jobsite.

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