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A creative idea is putting El Paso gridlock on ice

Location: El Paso, TX
Contractor: Joint Venture between Abrams-Kiewit
Project Dates: Began fall of 2015, expected finish late 2019 – early 2020
Project Scope: 12 miles
Products: CTS Rapid Set® Mortar Mix and WunderFixx®

The I-10 Connect Project joins I-10 to Loop 375 (César Chavez Border Highway) creating faster, easier access to the Bridge of the Americas Port of Entry.

During the summer months in El Paso, it can really get hot – a scorching, merciless, take-no-prisoners kind of hot. This presented a serious challenge for the contractors working on the I-10 Connect Project. As the mercury began to soar each morning, it caused concrete curing time to be unpredictable at best. And nobody was excited about the prospect of arranging and rearranging pouring times to match the ups and downs of the local temperature.

Fortunately for the frustrated crew, an old-school solution would come from a Rapid Set® representative who was on-hand for product consultation. Their quick-drying, easily-applied Mortar Mix was being used for vertical and horizontal patching and spall repairs because of its high early strength and WunderFixx® was being used as the concrete smoothing compound. After observing the conditions and outcomes, he suggested they lay ice-filled burlap sacks on the concrete while it cured.

Once the idea was tested and proved to be helpful, HD Supply White Cap account manager Robert Spencer and the rest of his team provided above and beyond service to make sure that all supplies necessary to implement the workaround were delivered when and where they were needed to keep the project on track. And now, thanks to a cool idea, relieved drivers will soon be enjoying easier access to the Bridge of the Americas Port of Entry.

For more information check out this link at the Texas DOT on this project.
TXDOT link

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