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3M Quick Latch

6500 Series. An easy choice for a tough world

When shifts are long and conditions are challenging, your people will appreciate having the 3MRugged Comfort Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6500 Series. With 3M’s Quick Latch drop-down mechanism and Cool Flowvalve, it’s easy on, easy off and comfortable.

Convenient Quick Latch Drop-Down Mechanism

Easy on and off as you move in and out of contaminated areas
No need to remove hard hats or faceshields when lowering and raising the respirator

To open Quick Latch: Grasp the latch at chin level and pull up.
To close Quick Latch: Grasp the facepiece with your thumb on the bottom of the facepiece and your first two fingers on top of the latch. Place the facepiece over your nose and mouth while pushing down on the latch.

Comfortable, Durable Silicone Faceseal

3M’s lightest silicone facepiece, the 6500 Respirator Series provides comfort and stability with a soft, stable faceseal
Resilient silicone material keeps its shape in high-heat environments, which can help extend product life

3M™ Bayonet Connection

Compatible with all 3M™ bayonet-style cartridges and filters (see back for listing of products)

Adjustable Head Harness Assembly

Optimum fi t and comfort with three-size adjustable head cradle
Long-lasting polyester/spandex straps

Low-Profile Design for Compatibility

Compatible with most welding/grinding shields
Advanced half facepiece design for a wide fi eld of view
Simplified cleaning and maintenance with fewer parts and crevices

Cool Flow™ Valve

Enhanced comfort by reducing heat and moisture build-up
Easier breathing with unique valve design
Valve cover design directs exhaled breath and moisture downward

Inhaling particulates, gases and vapors is a serious hazard. Still, the job has to be done. That’s why workforces rely on 3M™ Reusable Respirators and 3M™ Filters and Cartridges to help keep them working safely and comfortably.



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