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Stronghold by PSG – Quick-Switch® Tool Tether

Cutting-edge products like Quick-Switch® make dropping equipment a thing of the past. Quick-Switch® tool tethers are a revolutionary system used to connect tools when working at heights. The system is designed to keep tools connected at all times (including during tool transfers) and reduce the risk of tools being dropped on people or property below.

  • No dangling cords to interfere while walking, climbing, or working
  • Eliminates injuries to the user as a result of dropped tools on swinging tethers or retractors
  • Added longevity over conventional Bungee & Coil style tethers ulitmately saving money
  • Eliminates the need for retractor replacement due to wear or work hardening with conventional retractor pockets
  • Allows the use of multiple tools at one time w/o entanglement
  • Interchangeable from hand to hand in seconds while maintaining positive control
  • Hands-Free Tool Transferring while maintaining positive control
  • Keeps hands available for safe gripping while at height
  • S/S screw gate carabiner to prevent accidental release of tool
  • Tethers are reinforced with a protective tube to prevent accidental damage
  • Rated up to 6lbs

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