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Multiquip PRX Ride-On Power Float

The PRX Ride-On Power Float


The industry’s first power float designed to attain maximum coverage and optimum flatness on high production flatwork.

The PRX Ride-On Power Float provides unprecedented torque on demand with no loss of rotor RPM through the most demanding panning conditions. This revolutionary concept delivers more power to the floor and demonstrates how Multiquip is dedicated to improving the finishing process.

Liquid-cooled, multi-phase drive motors deliver maximum torque at break-away RPM, enabling twin 70″ rotors to turn with optimum speed and efficiency.

High-efficiency electric motor design outperforms conventional hydraulic drive units by up to 13%.

Proportional hydraulic steering control transitions directional movement smoothly.

Drive System

  • Powerful Ford Power Products 3.7 liter V6 engine ensures optimum torque for panning and delivers more power to the floor.
  • Aluminum engine block features deep skirted cylinder block for rigidity. Valve train is “set for life” to provide years of maintenance-free operation.
  • Clean burning LPG engine allows the PRX to work in semi-enclosed areas with proper ventilation.
  • New spider design produces ultimate floor flatness – 40% more coverage area compared to machines using twin 60” spiders.


  • All-new frame design features walk-around deck and allows easy access to service areas.
  • Outstanding illumination for indoor or nighttime finishing is provided by eight LED lights.
  • Ergonomic controls and seating area reduce operator fatigue.
  • Operator convenience features include a 12 volt USB outlet and cup holder.

Operator Controls

  • Twin high-cycle electric motors generate maximum break-away torque
  • Digital display provides information at a glance. Includes data on rotor speed, fuel selection, fuel level, engine speed, cruise control selection and critical machine alerts.
  • Active Speed Control enables operator to precisely set rotor speeds using the digital interface. Actively monitors drive system to maintain consistent rotor speeds under varying load conditions.
  • Rotor speed is adjusted by dialing-in the preferred setting –
  • up to 100 RPM – using the control knob.
  • Rotor Jog enables spiders to be slowly rotated, while operator
  • stands in front of the machine, and prevents surface marring as
  • pans separate from the slab surface.

Specification Highlights

107 HP Ford Power Products 3.7 L V6 engine

Dual-Fuel Gas/LPG

Liquid-cooled, multi-phase electric drive system deliver maximum torque at break-away RPM

Walk-around deck with easy access to service areas

New 70 in. Pans – produce unprecedented floor flatness — 40% more coverage area compared to machines using 60 in. pans

Path Width — 146 Inch (371 cm)

Rotor Speed — 0-100 Rotor RPM

Digital Display — provides information at-a-glance on machine status

Active Speed Control — precisely set rotor speed via digital interface

8 LED Lights — provide state of the art illumination for night time or indoor work.


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