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New York – JUN 8, 2020 –

Reopening Phase 1 Begins

New York City is taking it’s first steps toward lifting its 3-month long quarantine and slowly returning to normal. Collectively, NYC has seen more than 210,000 residents infected with COVID-19 and more than 22,000 virus-related fatalities.

The city has been showing slow but steady improvement over the past few weeks. Infections are down to 500/day with 30 deaths/day over the last several days. A vast improvement from April totals.

During the first phase of reopening, as many as 400,000 workers will be returning to their jobs. This includes retails stores, which are open for pickup, as well and construction and manufacturing jobs.

New York – MAY 19, 2020 –

New York City is talking about a possible phased reopening in a few weeks. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the number of available hospital beds is finally increasing and they should have the required number of contact tracers in place, as set by the Department of Health. 

New York State has outlined seven health indicators, including available hospital beds and steadily declining Covid-19 hospitalizations, that regions must meet in order to begin reopening. New York City has now met three of its seven indicators and hopes to hit all seven by mid-June.

DeBlasio’s goal is to hire 2,500 public health “foot soldiers” by June. The city’s team of contact tracers will interview and identify people who have come into contact with those who tested positive for Covid-19, de Blasio has previously said, describing them as “disease detectives.” The tracers will also provide support to New Yorkers who need to be isolated, de Blasio said.

The reopening status of all regions in New York can be found here.

(Source: CNBC)

New York – MAY 11, 2020 –

New York begins lifting some restrictions this week, allowing some outdoor activities and businesses to open

This week New York is initiating a phased reopening that will allow certain low-risk industries, like drive-in movies, landscaping, and other outdoor entities to resume business, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday.

Phase-1 will begin this Friday. As infections and hospitalizations resulting from COVID-19 are decreasing, Cuomo said other low-risk outdoor businesses and industries like construction, agriculture, curbside pickup for non-grocery retail stores (in three regions of the state) and outdoor activities like tennis, can reopen this Friday. 

(Source: CNBC)


New Jersey – May 12, 2020 –

New Jersey is starting to incrementally remove lockdowns statewide

New Jersey is gradually starting to loosen pandemic restrictions on a statewide basis, rather than incremental regional openings, Gov. Phil Murphy announced on May 12th. “We’re not New York,” Murphy said. “We’re all packed in together. It’s the densest state in the nation.” 

The state plans to increase testing to 20,000 per day by the end of the month. As part of the reopening strategy they will also hire at least 1,000 contract tracers.

Murphy said “assuming the curve continues to go in the right direction, [his administration] would ‘gently’ begin to reopen things. There’s an enormous health benefit to staying the course” said Murphy. He is expected to announce details on the next steps later this week, as the Memorial Day holiday approaches.

Murphy continues to warn that caution is necessary, and that easing restriction now could potentially have a boomerang effect – causing NJ to lose the ground they’ve gained since their stringent lock down rules were put in place. 

Still, the governor said Monday people could get “hard dates” later this week on when the state can begin to reopen.

(Source: nj.com)

New Jersey – MAY 7, 2020 –

Beaches, construction sites, and curbside businesses may be next to open in New Jersey.

Construction sites are not closed, and manufacturers, ports and logistics operations can continue operating with staff at minimal levels.

Work on The Terminal One project continues

Construction continues on the Terminal One project at the Newark Liberty International Airport. This is a 1 million sq ft modern design, boasting 33 domestic gates. This Tutor Perini/Parsons Design-Build project also includes the N60 Frontage Road Bridge and a pedestrian bridge with moving walkways.

(Source: Tutor Perini)

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