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Dayton Superior P27 YETI-ANCHOR®



The P27 Yeti-Anchor is a high performance, non-conductive, non-corrosive continuous glass-fiber reinforced polymer anchor used as a wythe connector for concrete insulated sandwich panel construction.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast and flexible installation
  • No thermal bridging between wythes
  • Limits occurrence of interstitial condensation
  • Provides a range of composite action levels
  • Passed NFPA 285 and ASTME-119 (4-hr) fire testing
  • Application software to aid with design and layout


  • Increased load bearing
  • Stiffer panels for easier handling
  • Material, labor, and transportation reduction
  • Compatible with all code compliant rigid foam insulation
  • Available for 1.5” (YS) and 2” (YL) concrete embedment and insulation thicknesses of 2”-4” (see size chart for more information)
  • Additional insulation thicknesses can be offered upon request
*Spacing provided is the maximum allowed square-foot coverage per anchor for the given wall condition with the 4 to 1 factor of safety assuming an unsupported exterior wythe. It is acceptable to decrease the spacing to allow for easier installation. Spacing does not need to be broken down into perfect squares (i.e. 2 Sq.Ft. could be 1’x2’ or 17”x17”)
*Allowable load provides an industry standard factor of safety of approximately 4 to 1

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