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Avoiding Kickback When Cutting Concrete

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How To Prevent Kickback Accidents

Kickback is one of the most common causes of serious accidents with power cutters. Simply put, kickback occurs when the rotating blade is pinched or stalled in the cut. When that happens, the blade’s kinetic energy causes the machine to be thrown out of the cut with full force. In certain cutting positions this throws the machine – and the rotating blade – towards the operator.

1. Never Use A Diamond Blade With Worn-Out Segments

To ensure the right amount of side clearance, the thickness of the segment (T1) must exceed the thickness of the blade’s steel core (T2). Otherwise, the core might get pinched in the cut. Husqvarna Smarter Blades are fitted with wear indicators to help you judge whether the blade is OK to use or not. See other tips on selecting the right diamond blade.

2. Keep The Blade Straight In The Cut

If you twist or angle the machine sideways in the cut, the blade might get pinched and cause a kickback. Be especially careful when you put a rotating blade into an existing cut.

3. Make Sure Your Work Piece Is Properly Supported

The work piece must always be supported so that the cut stays open when you cut through. If the cut closes and pinches the blade, there is a risk of kickback. Be specially alert when cutting a pipe with a belled end, a pipe that could be in tension, or a pipe in a trench that, if not properly supported, may sag and pinch the blade.

4. Never Cut In The Kickback Zone

The upper quadrant of the blade is known as the kickback zone. If the kickback zone is used for cutting, the reactive force drives the blade to climb up in the cut. Always use the lower quadrant of the blade to avoid climbing kickback.

5. Stand Parallel To The Cutting Blade

Avoid standing directly behind and facing the rotating blade while cutting. This means that in the event of a severe kickback, the saw will move in the plane of the cutting blade and pass beside you.

Helpful Safety Advice When Using A Handheld Power Cutter

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