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Autonomous Trucks: Coming Soon to Construction Sites

A Caterpillar 725 articulated dump truck converted into an autonomous vehicle.

Autonomous Construction Site Pilot Project 

The Construction industry won’t be taken completely over by robots, but the future does put autonomous trucks on the job sooner rather than later. An autonomous construction site pilot project slated for November will start by transforming a Caterpillar 725 articulated dump truck into an autonomous vehicle.

The project involves Obayashi Corporation, a Japanese construction firm, and SafeAI, a company that retrofits heavy equipment to autonomous use for integration into the construction and mining industries. SafeAI has built an autonomy platform that can be retrofitted into existing vehicles including trucks, excavators, and bulldozers. This pilot project will demonstrate load-haul-dump cycles on a construction site in Northern California.

Proponents of autonomous vehicles tout increased safety and efficiency, and this pilot will be a critical first step in showing how deploying autonomous trucks can affect the construction sites of the future.


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